• Composting Science
    Compost is a living, dynamic process releasing nutrients into the soil through
    a timely efficient manner. These nutrients are absorbed by the root system of plants
    and increase vitality and health.
  • Redefining
    The Value of Waste
    Compost has a variety of uses which can help alleviate environmental concerns,
    assist in the creation of new employment, and promote financial cost savings.

Community Voice

Attended Environmental Leadership Program at a beautiful scenic location near Philadelphia with fellow environmental professionals across various sectors. There was lots of learning with deeply impactful conversation.     "There are no environmental programs. There are massive social programs with huge environmental impacts" paraphrased quote by Dr. David Suzuki Prior to the retreat a Peer…

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We Radiate visited Smiling Hogshead Ranch to demo the innovative technology that offers information about the health of compost piles in a fun manner. Our farm collective welcomes the collaborative enthusiasm that Sashti, of We Radiate, brought and brainstormed ways to expand the program. Earlier this year with further discussion and conversation of how to…

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Research & Education

Education is vital to our mission. Learning about the science behind compost and about waste management in New York City can encourage us to create a healthy sustainable city & community.

How much organic waste can NYC's community gardens turn into compost? Our initial research topic was sparked by the news that the compost facility NYC sent its food waste shut down and closed (October, 2014). This event left NYC with tons of organic waste (literally!) and no place for them.

Our approach focuses on technology and policy efforts for greater efficiency with organics diversion. We Radiate is establishing a waste management paradigm to promote education & research, jobs, and sustainability.

Financial Savings

Business and municipalities save money by diverting
organic scraps into compost facilities instead of transport to landfills or incinerators

Economic Growth

Compost facilities offer and create twice as many jobs in comparison to landfill and incineration


Multiple uses for compost: improves plant growth, enhances soil fertility, reduces soil erosion and more!


Creating a series of policy infographics to redefine the value of waste for greater organics collection and local diversion

We wondered if a solution was right here within our community gardens. If this important communal asset can assist in this process, well… How much organic waste could we compost in our community gardens?

About Us

The idea for We Radiate initiated overseas in the coastal town of Pondicherry. We were exposed to the practices of composting at a regional farm and viewed the spectacle of waste and consumption during visits to the municipal landfill. Our mind swirled with opportunity and potential for improvement in the waste management paradigm.

We found a home in Brooklyn among community gardens, schools, and with enthusiasts of urban agriculture. As we develop, innovate, and grow within the field of compost – our expertise is shaped by our partnerships and collaboration with organizations across NYC.


We Radiate is committed to the efficiency of the decomposition process and allow greater volume of organic waste to be turned into healthy, high-quality compost and kept local.

Our aim is to change the current waste management paradigm for greater organics diversion. Our approach to innovation focuses on technological and societal aspects to shift traditional waste management concerns.

As momentum propels us forward, we seek members to join and provide assistance, expertise, and skills for progression. Contact Us and Join In!

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