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We Radiate at Smiling Hogshead Ranch

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We Radiate visited Smiling Hogshead Ranch to demo the innovative technology that offers information about the health of compost piles in a fun manner. Our farm collective welcomes the collaborative enthusiasm that Sashti, of We Radiate, brought and brainstormed ways to expand the program. Earlier this year with further discussion and conversation of how to move forward and work together, we were awarded a Composting Grant from Citizens Committee to begin this partnership.

Sashti offered a talk about the technology and information feedback at a recent Queens Compost Bike Tour in which seven composting sites in Queens were part of the tour along with two dozen compost and bike enthusiasts. Regular temperature readings and suggested pile management reports have informed our food scrap processing system.

This added level of information and fun new way to teach and engage children and other visitors about composting is a social game changer. Having this hardware and software and all the great info streaming out of our piles has really changed the dynamic of our interaction with food waste as we transform it into nutrient rich soil and the people we hope to enlist to help us and do this work on their own in the future.