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Field testing … 1-2-3

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This week we are beginning to field test ThermoSense within the 462 Halsey Community Compost bins.  This research will offer insights for several investigative claims.

a) How ThermoSense captures, measures, and tracks ambient and internal compost temperatures.

This is important because it allows us to evaluate if/how ambient temperatures impact internal compost temperatures.  Overtime we can evaluate if seasonal conditions have significance on decomposition rates.  This novel awareness can lead to insights for efficiencies across other compost-related platforms such as windrows.


b) ThermoSense’s ability to function in various weather conditions: rain, extreme heat, humidity, moisture, and biological critters.

ThermoSense will be outdoors for its entire existence and we’ll closely monitor how sensors, boards, wires, and circuitry hold up across these temperature & environmental variables.  These assessments will offer greater vision for the design of future ThermoSense versions.


c) Ease and ability to educate our community on compost and its importance across our natural environment.

From the data we’re collecting with ThermoSense, we want to effectively visualize these outcomes in a simple, elegant and educational manner.  Our purpose in doing so is to incorporate themes of science comprehension to larger audience.  We hope to promote themes of environmental awareness that will support the expansion of compost as a healthy alternative to landfills.