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Creating high quality, healthy compost locally.  Our approach focuses on technology and policy efforts for greater efficiency with organics diversion. We Radiate is establishing a waste management paradigm to promote education & research, jobs, and sustainability.

[vc_iconbox icon=”usd” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Financial Savings” external=”1″ link=”http://council.nyc.gov/downloads/pdf/budget/2014/827_department_of_sanitation.pdf”]Business and municipalities save money by diverting organic scraps into compost facilities instead of transport to landfills or incinerators[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox icon=”user” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Economic Growth” external=”1″ link=”ilsr.org/composting-sense-tables “]Compost facilities offer and create twice as many jobs in comparison to landfill and incineration[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox icon=”recycle” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Sustainability” external=”1″ link=” http://ilsr.org/size-matters-report-shows-small-scale-community-based-composting/”]Multiple uses for compost: improves plant growth, enhances soil fertility, reduces soil erosion and more! [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox icon=”book” iconpos=”top” with_circle=”yes” title=”Education” external=””]Creating a series of policy infographics to redefine the value of waste for greater organics collection and local diversion[/vc_iconbox]

The We Radiate Story

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The idea for We Radiate initiated overseas in the coastal town of Pondicherry.  We were exposed to the practices of composting at a regional farm and viewed the spectacle of waste and consumption during visits to the municipal landfill.  Our mind swirled with opportunity and potential for improvement in the waste management paradigm.

We found a home in Brooklyn among community gardens, schools, and with enthusiasts of urban agriculture.  As we develop, innovate, and grow within the field of compost – our expertise is shaped by our partnerships and collaboration with organizations across NYC.  Please follow our “Community Voice” for updates and information of our progression!


Our combined experience covers Engineering, Waste Management, Urban Planning, Graphic Design, Public Health, and Education.  We have passion to promote healthier environments in urban landscapes and dedication to encourage widespread recognition of our closed food loop system.

As momentum propels us forward, we seek members to join and provide assistance, expertise, and skills for progression.  Contact Us and Join In!


We Radiate is committed to the efficiency of the decomposition process and allow greater volume of organic waste to be turned into healthy, high-quality compost and kept local.

Our aim is to change the current waste management paradigm for greater organics diversion. Our approach to innovation focuses on technological and societal aspects to shift traditional waste management concerns.


We Radiate is grateful for the support across the NYC community:

Citizens Committee Composting Grant Award ($750)

NYC Awesome Foundation Winner ($1000)

Impact Forum Audience Choice Winner

Environmental Grant for innovation ($1000)

General Assembly User Experience Client

Social Enterprise Bootcamp Finalist

92Y Genius Start-Up Competition, First Runner Up

Satellite Magazine Stage Contributor

The Feast Platform Online Contributor

The Brooklyn Law School Intellectual Property Clinic Client


Sashti is an environmental educator developing novel approaches combining technology and process for compost efficiency and waste prevention.  He has worked on engagements in India, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.  Sashti is dedicated to the growth of urban agriculture and community gardens with passion to promote healthier environments in urban landscapes.  He is a certified Master Composter receiving accreditation from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and currently sits on the Advisory Board of 596 acres and is a founding member of the 462 Halsey Street Community Garden.  Sashti is a teacher at the Brooklyn Urban Garden School and graduate of Columbia University and SUNY Buffalo.

Contact Us and Join In

There are several ways to assist and support! Contact us and we will be happy to involve ideas, skills, and resources allowing us to propel.